The Digimon Work Buddy

The Digimon Adventure tri. PC cushion Agumon, a desk buddy that keeps you happy and healthy.

Any Digimon fan knows that Agumon is a friend worth having. Now you can have him hang out with you in your very own office!


This friendly fire-breathing dinosaur-styled Digimon has been converted into a plush size work-deck model. He is looking to help you in the workplace and has even com prepared with his own keyboard!

Even better, The Digimon Adventure tri. PC cushion Agumon was made specifically to keep you happy and your body healthy. 

This cute plush toy is designed to alleviate pains at the work desk. By placing him on your lap, as seen in the picture below, your body will rest against the soft plush as well as be re-positioned in order to maintain better posture and avoid additional pains.  

This clever toy is also designed for non-snuggling fans who would rather not be up close in personal with this desk buddy. That is why it comes in two pieces. The first is Agumon himself and the second is his keyboard. The keyboard serves as its own individual armrest. By placing your arms on it while working at your desk you avoid leaning your arms on the hard desk edge. 


This desk buddy costs approximately $50 USD and can be purchased here or through   the other link on this page. Current shipping schedules are set for this upcoming June 2016. 



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Published Mar. 22nd 2016

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