Miitomo Drop: How to win the Splatoon Style sets

How to win the Splatoon Style sets in Mititomo Drop.

The Splatoon retweet event on Twitter has finally reached its goal, and Nintendo is celebrating with new Miitomo Drop minigames. These Splatoon themed Miitomo Drop minigames have all the fashion a budding Inkling needs to get out on the floor and start spraying ink. These stages are only available until May 29th, 2016, so hop on them quick and earn your Splatoon Style sets!

Splatoon Style #1

Miitomo Drop - Splatoon Style #1Playing the first stage can net you the female Inkling attire.

  • Tentatek trainers (3 colors)
  • Squid tee (2 colors)
  • Inkling girl shorts (6 colors)
  • Inkling girl wig (6 colors)

This level has a gimmick with rotating platforms. The rotating platforms are each placed right next to a fashion prize, and timing your drop with two platforms is essential.

Dropping from the right side will net you any prize on the roster. If you already have all the Tentatek trainers you need, though, you can drop on the left without missing anything else. Miscalculate the time for all of the rotating platforms and you'll find yourself at the bottom with 3 pieces of Candy.

Splatoon Style #2

Miitomo Drop - Splatoon Style #2If you play on the second stage, you have a chance to earn the male Inkling set.

  • Inkling boy wig (6 colors)
  • Zink layered LS (1 color)
  • Inkling boy shorts (6 colors)
  • Hi-Horses (3 colors)

The second stage has a gimmick with bouncing blocks. Your goal is to line yourself up for a drop on the diagonal platform just across from the prize you want. You'll slide down the diagonal and hit the bumper which bounces your character back up to the platform with your fashion.

You should probably time your drop so you're hitting the bumper near the bottom of its cycle. If it's near the top, it will bounce you over the prize platform and into the bouncers on the other side, which is a sure-fire way for chaos to break loose.

You'll want to drop on the left or near the middle of this stage. Dropping too far to the right may bounce you squarely off a bumper, causing even more chaos. It'd be best to just slide down into the fray.

See you next week for another batch of Miitomo Drop minigames. Are you after the Splatoon set? Let us know what you win in the comments below!

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Published Apr. 29th 2016

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