Mojang Will Delete Minecraft Earth This Summer

Minecraft Earth is ending in summer 2021, but there's still time to experience Minecraft AR with some new improvements.

The lights are going out for Minecraft Earth on June 30, 2021, Mojang announced, citing obstacles to "free movement and collaborative play" in the current COVID-19 environment. Yet there are still some surprises and updates in store before Minecraft Earth goes offline for good.

The final Minecraft Earth build is live now and tweaks the game in a number of ways, including:

  • Removing real-money transactions

  • Reducing ruby costs

  • Including all completed, unreleased content currently in development

  • Reducing crafting and smelting time requirements

  • Replacing unused crafting & smelting boosts with radius boosts of the same level

On July 1, 2021, Mojang is deleting Minecraft Earth and all player data connected to it, except character creation data and Minecoin entitlements.

Mojang pledged a free copy of Minecraft's mobile version for those who spent any money at all on Minecraft Earth from the time it first released. Players' ruby balances will get converted to Minecoins for use in the Minecraft Marketplace.

That still leaves a few months before Minecraft Earth ends, and if you're new to the Minecraft AR game, our Minecraft Earth guides have everything you need to know.



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Published Jan. 5th 2021

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