Kyten Sunstalker, Death Dealer Extraordinaire

Kyten Sunstalker specializes in murder for hire. Any job will do, from pests to giants, she's got it covered. She never loses out on style, whether it be fighting or skulking around in Lion's Arch.

Watch the hands closely. If you are attentive enough, you may just have some tricks to help you out in the afterlife. The teal is intended to draw the eyes, it will probably be the last color you ever see. 

They call me "Sunstalker" because I need not hide in the shadows to make my kills. My left eye is not lost, I've only given you the appearance of a small advantage. Unfortunately, there is no hope left for you. You see, I have been hired as your downfall and when I am recruited, there can only be corpses. You will not live to tell the tale.

For those interested in my services, have a red and teal handkerchief visible in Lion's Arch. You cannot find me, I will find you. Be advised, I do not come cheap and once the job is in motion, there is no stopping the destruction.

The look of my armor can be obtained from a Borderland Armor Master. The red is mostly made up from the blood of my targets, but began as Black Cherry Dye. The teal accents are Spring Tide Dye. The knife corset is Ebony Dye.

My inspiration is practical when it comes to my coat. Extra daggers are a must, why must they be hidden on my person?

Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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