Why Rafe Adler is the best Uncharted villain

Rafe Adler is my favorite Uncharted villain, and I have many reasons why.

The Uncharted series has given us some charismatic and interesting villains. If you ask me, the villain that stands out the most was Rafe Adler, the main antagonist of the latest installment, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Unlike the other Uncharted villains, Rafe brought a different kind of villainy to the series. He was not the typical, "I want to destroy the world," type of bad guy, but rather a bit of an "Anti-Drake." Like Nathan Drake, he was a treasure hunter who yearned for his own fortune, but his motivations were more out of desperation to be as "legendary" as Drake.

Unlike the other villains, Rafe had a personality that stood out the most. He was charming, sarcastic, cunning, and even comedic at times. This intrigued me about Rafe over the other villains, because he shared many of those character traits with Nathan Drake, himself.

On top of everything else, his boss fight was by far the most challenging. You actually had to be careful and watch his movements, while the other boss fights were mostly run and gun or constant punching.  It was a true challenge and the most memorable of boss fights.

These are the reasons why I think Rafe is the best Uncharted villain. If there is indeed a potential sequel, I believe it would be hard to top off Rafe.


Published Aug. 4th 2016

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