Invisible, Inc. Taken Off Early Access; Will Reappear for Official Release

Invisible, Inc. slinking on to the next big thing: May 12 release with plans to make it onto PS4!

The folks behind Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment, are officially taking the strategy-stealth game Invisible, Inc. off Steam Early Access.  If you jumped on board anytime in the past 8 months, you can still play; if you didn’t, well, tough. 

Either way, you’ll only have to wait until May 12 for the final version.

Invisible, Inc.’s core mechanics will stay almost entirely the same; Klei vibed early on from consumers that the fundamentals were working from the get-go.  So what’s going to be all-new in the final version? Just a few highlights:

  • 2 fully-animated cinematics
  • 4 new agents (playable characters)
  • Over 1000 new lines of VO
  • A “massive balance pass” (making sure nothing’s super OP) on all the items and agents
  • Ultimate difficulty mode “Expert Plus”
  • Updated Endless mode
  • Lots of new music
  • A shiny new coat of paint on just about everything (UI, environments, effects, etc.)
  • A “daemonic new enemy” (you know, whatever that means)

On launch, look for Invisible, Inc. on PC/Mac/Linux; available through Steam or DRM-free download on Klei Entertainment’s website.  Stay tuned for a PlayStation 4 release as well; no word on when just yet.

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Published Apr. 20th 2015

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