EVE Online's Chief Marketing Officer Talks Valkyrie, Rubicon and "new galaxies to colonise" [Exclusive Interview]

Listen to David 'CCP Pokethulhu' Reid as he discusses integrating small spaceships into EVE Online's universe of vast warships and what CCP Games' plans are beyond the imminent release of their 20th free expansion, Rubicon.

Adam Rosser, BBC radio journalist and video game correspondent, recently caught up with CCP Games' chief marketing officer, David 'CCP Pokethulhu' Reid, to discuss the ongoing development of Oculus Rift's killer app, EVE: Valkyrie.

David talks about how the single-pilot fighter ships and the dogfighting gameplay of Valkyrie might integrate with the EVE Universe and what upcoming expansion Rubicon heralds for the future of EVE Online.

Of particular interest to me was the idea of Valkyrie as a bloodsport, as this was a concept discussed at some length by the EVE bloggeratti in a 2011 Blog Banter. Back then, it was a discussion about delivering some kind of quick match system within the EVE client and proved to be a quite a divisive idea. Of course, this latest conversation is simply spitballing, but Valkyrie certainly gives good cause to return to that particular can of worms.

Also, David gives apparent confirmation of plans to expand the game world of New Eden with some kind of dynamic which will lead to some big null-sec changes: 

"...Rubicon begins a multi-expansion arc now where players are going to be getting the resources, getting the blueprints, getting the items that will allow them to start constructing stargates and go out and find new galaxies to colonise.

"This will add a whole new dimension to the sandbox, it'll add a whole new gold rush if you will, of planting flags on different systems that the sovereignty of null-sec in EVE right now is going to be disrupted in a big major way by this."

Exciting stuff.

You can listen to the full interview below or follow this link to read the full transcription.


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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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