The Most Customizable Cars in GTA 5

Dinka Blista Kanjo

  • Type: Compact Car
  • Price: $580,000

Apparently Rockstar really loves Hondas, as this vehicle has a set of totally unique customizations. The Blista Kanjo is an amalgamation of four different Honda vehicles, but primarily of Honda Civic Type R EK9 model.

Here is a list of all possible modifications for Dinka Blista Kanjo:

  • 6x Armor
  • 4x Brakes
  • 13x Front Bumpers
  • 14x Rear Bumpers
  • 4x Doors
  • 4x Engines
  • 12x Exhausts
  • 10x Fenders
  • 8x Grilles
  • 7x Headlights
  • 16x Hoods
  • 13x Liveries
  • 5x Plates
  • 7x Roll Cages
  • 7x Roofs
  • 8x Skirts
  • 19x Spoilers
  • 3x Sunstrips
  • 5x Suspension
  • 4x Transmission
  • 5x Trunks
  • 4x Windows
Published Aug. 18th 2021

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