The Most Customizable Cars in GTA 5

Vapid Dominator GTX

  • Type: Muscle Car
  • Price: $725,000

Dominator is a favorite of many GTA 5 players, not only due to its immense number of modifications, but also because of the design that strongly resembles the classic Ford Mustang.

When it comes to customization, Vapid Dominator GTX offers the following:

  • 6x Armor
  • 4x Brakes
  • 5x Front Bumpers
  • 6x Brace Bars
  • 4x Engine Tunes
  • 11x Exhausts
  • 6x Fenders
  • 11x Grilles
  • 17x Hoods
  • 5x Plates
  • 4x Rear Panels
  • 20x Roofs
  • 15x Skirts
  • 18x Spoilers
  • 5x Suspension
  • 4x Transmission
  • 4x Windows
Published Aug. 18th 2021

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