The Most Customizable Cars in GTA 5

BF Club

  • Type: Compact Car
  • Price: $1,280,000

Club may not look very attractive at first sight, but this little buddy can show some serious competition on the road. It is considered one of the best compact cars in GTA 5 due to its high acceleration speed and almost flawless handling.

You can customize it and give it a better look using the following mods:

  • 6x Armor
  • 10x Bodywork
  • 4x Brakes
  • 9x Front Bumpers
  • 6x Rear Bumpers
  • 4x Engines
  • 10x Exhausts
  • 3x Fenders
  • 6x Headlight Covers
  • 9x Hoods
  • 15x Liveries
  • 5x Plates
  • 6x Roofs
  • 11x Spoilers
  • 7x Sunstrips
  • 5x Suspension
  • 4x Transmission
  • 4x Windows
Published Aug. 18th 2021

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