The Most Customizable Cars in GTA 5

Annis Hellion

  • Type: Offroad Car
  • Price: $835,000

Street cars are not always the best option in GTA 5. That's why having an offroad option for wilder terrain is a much better idea.

Hellion is an excellent vehicle, which is based on Nissan Patrol Safari Y60. It's got some fantastic engine modifications that can make it traverse even the most extreme roads. All-in-all, you can customize these parts:

  • 6x Armor
  • 4x Brakes
  • 17x Front Bumpers
  • 11 Rear Bumpers
  • 4x Engines
  • 9x Exhausts
  • 10x Fenders
  • 11x Grilles
  • 11x Liveries
  • 5x Plates
  • 5x Roll Cages
  • 4x Roofs
  • 10x Skirts
  • 4x Suspension
  • 5x Transmission
  • 4x Window Plates
  • 4x Windows
Published Aug. 18th 2021

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