Final Fantasy V hits Steam on September 24th

Final Fantasy V is hitting Steam on September 24th; adding to the growing franchise on the platform.

Earlier this week Square Enix finally announced a new Final Fantasy addition to Steam. Final Fantasy V is hitting the PC gaming platform later this month on September 24th.

Final Fantasy V is one of the many Final Fantasy games that are now available on Steam, counting nine in total with the new addition. Below is a list of all the Final Fantasy games that are available, some with enhanced controls and graphics. 

It was also announced at E3 2015 that Square Enix was remaking Final Fantasy VII, which originally premiered on the PlayStation in 1997. With updated controls and a revamped battle system, Final Fantasy VII will be brought into the twenty-first century.

Pre-purchasing on Steam

Until Final Fantasy V officially launches on September 24th. The game is available for pre-purchase on Steam for a 10% discount. taking its normal $16 price tag and slashing it to $14.39. 

Are you planning on purchasing the new game on Steam? Do you expect more to hit the Steam platform in upcoming years? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 14th 2015

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