Dragon Age Keep Beta Is Live: Now How Does It Work?

Importing decisions from previous games is a big part of shaping your new game world in Dragon Age Inquisition. How does it work?

For months now, players have been hearing about the Dragon Age Keep, BioWare's answer to importing your save games from Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II on previous platforms like the PS3 and Xbox 360, onto new platforms, like the PS4 and Xbox One. Importing save games from one platform to another is not something typically done, but BioWare has designed the Dragon Age game world to be shaped by the decisions players made in previous games. Those decisions pop up in the new game with wide reaching effects. 

For example, did you choose to support Bhelen or Harrowmont to lead the dwarves in Dragon Age Origins? This decision could decide whether or not the dwarves are more open to trade with other races in future games.

With the game being released for next-gen consoles, how was BioWare going to allow players to get their choices from previous games into Dragon Age Inquisition?

Enter the Dragon Age Keep. A place where you can detail every choice from the previous two games. Now, I was fortunate enough to receive a beta code early on, so I've already played around with the Keep. I feel the video above leaves out a few salient details. For example, you need to have an Origins account to use the Keep - meaning you need to register with BioWare's online community. This is the login that grants you entry to the Keep.

According to the video, there are over 300 choices in the previous two games that the Keep allows you to detail. Everything from who you romanced, to who you sided with in major story decisions, to whether or not you tracked down Alistair's sister.

Each of these decisions has a place in the Keep, allowing you to detail how you handled it. You can then "lock" that decision, approving it as your actual choice in the game. (And if you always regretted which way you went on something, here is your chance to select the choice you wish you had made.)

You can also create multiple world states if you hade multiple play throughs of the previous games, and you want your multiple Dragon Age Inquisition experiences to run off of those individual world states. You will get to watch your choices play out in a short animated journey, narrated by voice actor Brian Bloom in the role of Varric, Dragon Age's resident storyteller companion that many will remember from Dragon Age II. (He also appears in Inquisition as a companion once more.)

To access the Keep, you can do so on your console, PC, or mobile device, just so long as you have an internet connection, web browser, and Origins account to log in with. From there, the hardest part may be remembering each of your 300 decisions. I recommend reloading a save game from the end of your game experience on each of the previous games, and watching your epilogue again. It does detail how many of your decisions panned out.


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Published Oct. 30th 2014

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