Gamer Gift Guide: 3DS Edition

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Sometimes getting that gamer friend of yours the right present can be an overwhelming challenge. Do you go for the new game or the game accessory? Themed controller or themed headset? Would they prefer the stuffed Mario or stuffed Luigi? Too many questions!

Fret no more, friends, as you take a look through a gift guide made specifically for your gamer friend in mind. That is, if your gamer friend is an owner of Nintendo's 3DS system. Welcome to Gameskinny's Gamer Gift Guide: 3DS edition

i-CON - Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (71 reviews)

Price: $14.99

Buy it: Amazon

Whether someone is just starting off as a 3DS owner or has been playing for a long time, this is a pretty important kit to have. With screen protectors, extra styluses, cleaning cloths, and headphones, any mobile gamer would appreciate this gift. 

The Starter Kit also comes with a travel case for the 3DS to keep it safe, an XL pen stylus, and two game cases. This gift has just about everything a player needs to get started, or keep going strong, with their 3DS gaming. 


dreamGEAR Comfort Grip

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars (107 reviews)

Price: $17.89

Buy it: Amazon

This is a must have for any 3DS gamer. After hours of playing your favorite Pokemon game or beating the final boss in Bravely Default, any 3DS gamer will notice the aches and pains of cramps in their hands. And small wonder with how the 3DS is designed!

But with the dreamGREAR Comfort Grip the 3DS turns into an oversized controller that fits perfectly into any gamer's hands. No longer will putting down the 3DS to shake out your hands be a problem. Tackle your next monster hunt or side quest with ease!



3DS Cover Plates

Rating: Various

Price: $9.99 - $22.99

Buy it: Amazon

Is the person you're buying for a bigger fan of Mario or Bowser? Do they prefer Monster Hunter or Animal Crossing? Once you find out your friend's simple tastes, you can make their gaming experience personalized by getting a cover plate of their favorite game or character. 

Nintendo's official cover plates feature hallmark figures like Pikachu, Princess Peach, or the Triforce. Or you can spring for scenes from Majora's Mask, Xenoblade Chronicles, or Pokemon!

Nintendo eShop Card

Rating: 4.9/5 Stars (2,209 reviews)

Price: $10 - $50

Buy it: Amazon

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of choice. Perhaps the person you are buying for this season is picky beyond reason and usually unhappy with whatever game they are gifted.

Then ditch the headaches and complaints, and just go with an eShop card so they can purchase whatever game they want. They'll thank you for giving them the freedom to make their own decision. 


Tomee - Universal Charge Kit for 3DS

Rating: 4.6/5 Stars (17 reviews)

Price: $9.99

Buy it: Amazon 

It doesn't matter if you take your gaming on the go or stay locked up in your personal paradise, this charger makes it so that you never have to worry about running out of battery power. 

Plug into your laptop, wall outlet, or even your car to keep your 3DS charged and ready for action. More than that, this adapter works with older versions of the DS as well, making it a good gift for any handheld gamer. 

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Rating: 8.8/10 (153 reviews)

Price: $39.99

Buy it: Amazon

If your friend or loved one doesn't already own Nintendo's quintessential battle brawler, Super Smash Bros, then you should probably go ahead and get it for them. Super Smash Bros. delivers endless amounts of gameplay as not only a whole roster of new fighters are available, but now you can create your own Mii characters to take into action as well!

With its compatibility on the Wii U and the incorporation of Amiibos, Super Smash Bros. is a game any 3DS owner should have. So if you know someone who is missing out this season, spread the cheer by gifting them a fighting game they'll never forget. 


Amiibo Figures 

Rating: Varied 

Price: $9.99 - $12.99

Buy it: Amazon 

So your friend or loved one has a few 3DS games that they enjoy playing, but they are looking for something more. A little extra something to add to the gameplay to liven it up. Then an Amiibo figure is the perfect gift for them!

Amiibos are figures of characters from Nintendo games that add additional content to the game. Grab some extra costumes and upgraded moves for Mario in Super Smash Bros. when you scan his Amiibo to your game! Gain more weapons and tougher armor in Hyrule Warriors when you scan a Link or Zelda Amiibo. Grab one for your gift buddy!

3DS Decals

Rating: Varied

Price: $3.50 - $16.99

Buy it: Etsy

These are little different than cover plates since they are really just stickers to place on the 3DS. But seeing as how you can create some pretty incredible scenes with decals, they are definitely something to look into for your holiday shopping. 

Turn your 3DS into a pokedex with this decal, or turn your gaming into an artistic experience with the decal of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Grab a favorite Pokemon, a Fire Emblem symbol, or something completely random and handmade. 


3DS Pull and Go Folio Case

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (135 reviews)

Price: $28.90

Buy it: Amazon

Organization is key when it comes to keeping track of games and game accessories. This is why having the Pull and Go Folio for your 3DS is so helpful. Carry all of your games, chargers, and cords together along with your 3DS system in an easily zipped up carry case. 

The 3DS slides into a Velcro pouch that can be removed, hence the "pull and go" title, leaving the case to carry all of your other 3DS belonging while you blissfully play through the hours. 

Pokemon X/Y

Rating: 9.5/10 ( 216 reviews)

Price: $39.99

Buy it: Amazon

Show that special someone you really care about them with the newest game from the series we all know and love, Pokemon. By no means should you purchase both games(unless you really want to), as either Pokemon X or Y will provide days of gaming.  

Even if someone hasn't been long in the world of Pokemon, they will fall right into it with X & Y. Long time lovers of the series will also appreciate this gift this season as well. 

We hope this comprehensive guide of all things a 3DS owner would appreciate will help you in your gift buying experience this season. Your friend or loved one will thank you if any one of these items ends up in their hands. And you'll be celebrated as the thoughtful, savvy purchaser you are! 

Can you think of any gift that a 3DS gamer would like more than these? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Published Oct. 30th 2015


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