Arma 3 Zeus DLC

Free Arma 3 DLC, called Zeus, allows you to play god.

The Zeus DLC looks like the MMC mod, which simply allows one or more players to control, in real-time, the scenario. Along with players battling it out, playing the game. The Zeus player can do everything within a 3D editor, but there is a 2D editor for the quick and dirty edits.

And many trolls were made that day! Well that would be the case if there wasn't an area in which Zeus cannot place any units, but Zeus can place movement waypoints for the AI.

As you can see, you can set your own custom objectives on the fly. So, want to stop someone destroying your special tank, even though you told them to? Well, just cancel that objective, and make a new one, which would be to capture the tank.

Make your own stories, let players loose, and change the mission when it's too hard, or too easy.

Or if something is going wrong, make the objective fail and call a retreat.

This is why it's called Zeus; you get to rain down lighting strikes which will destroy anything they touch, if you have enough points.

Mega troll mode activate! Well, you can just use for atmosphere, please just use it for atmosphere!

Say bye-bye (see image above) to your evening. Bohemia Interactive did a livestream showing Zeus DLC gameplay, which during this they released on to the development build of the game.

See the exlivestream here.

What do you think of this type of DLC? Put your thoughts in the comments bellow.

Personally, I think it's great! As I have never been a dab-hand at using the 2D editor in Arma 3, and find 3D editors a lot easier, I hope this is still the case with Arma 3. I will be able to create scenarios, and make them nice and easy. Hey! I need to look good sometimes.

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Published Feb. 17th 2014

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