Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Explodes Onto the PlayStation Store

Experience the opening bombing run on the first Mako Reactor in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo.

The long-rumored Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is available at last on the PlayStation Store. The demo lets you play through the first chapter of the groundbreaking Final Fantasy classic, up to the Mako Reactor 1 bombing run, ahead of the game's April 10 launch.

It's a decent chunk of the game, especially considering part one only covers Midgar and all its iconic, seedy glory. More importantly, it's a chance for everyone to sample one of the biggest changes the game makes, the transition from classic turn-based combat to a more action-oriented approach.

However, that does mean there's no cross-dressing Cloud in the demo, sadly.

The listing also note some changes in gameplay and presentation might happen between now and FF7 Remake's April 10 release date. That's probably why save data from the demo won't carry over to the final retail version as well.

If Final Fantasy 7 Remake's first chapter isn't enough to whet your appetite until April, check out our detailed impressions after going hands-on with the game at PAX, where we said: "After our latest hands-on with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it's clearer than ever that Square Enix is prepared to deliver on its promises."

Head over to the PlayStation Store to snag the demo for yourself, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Final Fantasy 7 Remake news as it speeds our way.


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Published Mar. 2nd 2020

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