Take On Mars - Early Acces Date Revealed

Take On Mars New Footage And Release Date

At E3 this year the most exciting title I saw was a simulator called Take On Mars by Bohemia Interactive. We were introduced to this amazing looking Mars exploration simulator in the expo at E3, but today we get to see a new trailer of game footage.

Today we found out that not only will we have a choice of several rovers and landers, but that those vehicles will be customizable. I can't wait to see just how customizable they are gonna be. This new trailer doesn't give us a lot of new info on the game, but it does give us a release date. Take On Mars will be available as a Steam early access title on August 1st.


I am a huge nerd and this game has me super excited, I can't wait to start exploring Mars. if you are as impatient as me you can scratch your itch today by pre-ordering the game here. I have never been a fan of Steam, but with this game at $12.99 I have already reserved my copy.

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Published Jul. 19th 2013

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