The 7 Best YouTube Gaming Channels You're Not Already Subscribed To

Team Four Star Gaming

You're likely aware of Team Four Star, the collective of voice actors behind the insanely popular Dragonball Z Abridged series. Their main channel has over 2 million subscribers, and is absolutely a must-follow for anyone who grew up watching the show as a kid. 

Which is why it's so odd that nobody seems to have heard of their gaming channel, especially since it's one of the best YouTube feeds out there. The thinking behind the channel is genius-- voice actors from Team Four Star play through video games and offer commentary, but they do so in character as the roles they play in the Dragonball Z Abridged episodes.

The channel updates very often, and there's a lot of variety to be found, from videos of Vegeta and Nappa arguing over a cooperative game, to Krillin playing through Alien Isolation, to a whole swath of videos that feature the cast of Team Four Star playing through their favorite games out of character. It's a funny and off-beat feed, and it's more than worthy of your time.

Published Jul. 25th 2016

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