The 7 Best YouTube Gaming Channels You're Not Already Subscribed To


For YouTube gaming channels, more hardcore RPGs and real-time strategy games often go overlooked, despite their popularity. Enter SurrealBeliefs. 

SurrealBeliefs' channel is a focused one, centered specifically around role-playing games, real time strategy games, tabletop simulation games, and war games. He has a particular affinity for Warhammer, Total War, and Total War: Warhammer (which you can read more about in our interview with him). That said, although he has carved out a specific niche in those genres, he is not afraid to venture outside his comfort zone, and his videos range from reviews, to mod guides, to let's plays and even walkthroughs. Regardless of your familiarity with these genres and games, SurrealBeliefs does a great job of being both informative and entertaining, which is especially important given that these types of games can be a bit intimidating to first-time players.

Published Jul. 25th 2016

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