The 7 Best YouTube Gaming Channels You're Not Already Subscribed To


As the three hosts will tell you, Continue? is not a let's play or a review show. It's a series where three friends hang out on a couch for ten to twenty minutes and give their first impressions of a game, and at the end of their playing time, decide whether or not they'd want to continue playing or not.

It's a simple concept, but what really brings the channel over the top is the fact that the three hosts, Paul, Nick, and Josh, have such great chemistry. The show captures that special feeling of cracking jokes playing video games with your friends better than any other YouTube channel currently out there. You really feel like you're on the couch with these three funny, talented, and smart guys as they make obscure references and joke about the game they're playing. It's a unique thing, and well worth a subscription. Hell, JonTron thinks so. Are you gonna disagree with him?

Published Jul. 25th 2016

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