The 7 Best YouTube Gaming Channels You're Not Already Subscribed To

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Okay, I lied. Yungtown is the Andy Warhol of YouTube content creators. At once a satirist, musician, rapper, and video game reviewer, Yungtown's YouTube channel is one of the most eclectic ones out there, and his refusal to be pigeonholed has led to some truly amazing videos. From a "drawing tutorial", to a spot-on MatPat parody, to countless songs based on video games, Yungtown rarely misses the mark even when he tries something new.

What is really special about Yungtown, however, is his positivity. Even when he is satirizing fellow YouTubers, each one of his videos comes from a place of love. This is especially evident in his music, where he opens up and tells viewers his struggles in an effort to help us with ours. It sounds trite to say that he cares about his fans, but the way Yungtown crafts his videos-- it's clear that he is reaching out to viewers with a message of positivity and hope. It really is something special, especially when he can pivot from emotional topics to laugh out loud hilarity with such grace and ease. Yungtown is a truly inspiring guy, and his videos are well worth your time.

Do you have any great obscure YouTube channels that you love? Share them with us in the comments! (And speaking of obscure gaming feeds, I heard through the wire that the author of this post might have a Twitch feed that's worth a follow.) 

Published Jul. 25th 2016

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