Netflix Finishes Filming for The Witcher Season 2

It's a wrap for The Witcher Season 2 filming, as Netflix promises blood, elves, and more for the long-awaited second season.

Netflix has finished filming The Witcher Season 2, showrunner Lauren Hissrich announced, although there's still no solid timeframe for when The Witcher season two's first episode might air.

The Witcher Season 2 draws on Blood of Elves, Andrzej Sapkowski's first Witcher novel, and while it still follows Jaskier, Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, it introduces multiple new characters as well.

Filming it was quite the undertaking. Hissrich said the crew of 1,200 and 90-person cast filmed for almost 158 days, sometimes at night, frequently in the cold, and always observing COVID safety regulations.

That might sound like a lot for adapting just one book, but Hissrich said Blood of Elves is just the start. The Witcher season two goes "beyond" the first novel, Hissrich said.

While there's no telling what else Netflix might include in the season, we do know it's not the only Witcher the streaming giant has in the works. Netflix is also producing the Geralt-less Blood Origin prequel and probably has a few more mainline Witcher seasons in store.


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Published Apr. 5th 2021

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