Disgaea 6 Launches This Summer With Four Classic Characters

Disgaea 6 releases on Nintendo Switch this June with a free bundle of legacy Disgaea characters.

Disgaea 6 will release June 29, 2021, for Nintendo Switch, NIS America announced during the New Game+ Expo, but Zed and Bieko aren't headed to the Switch alone. NISA also announced four classic Disgaea characters with their own stories as bonus in-game content.

Disgaea 6 will include in-game purchases, but the character pack is free and included at launch. It adds:

  • Adell (Disgaea 2) and his signature Vulcan Blaze attack
  • Rozalin (Disgaea 2) and her Crest Roses attack
  • Girl Laharl (Disgaea D2) and their Magma Geyser EX attack
  • Asagi (Disgaea 4) and her Stratus Drive attack

NIS America didn't mention what side stories each character adds to the game at this time.

Disgaea 6 follows Zed, a zombie who just wants to take care of his sister Bieko until the God of Destruction intervenes. In addition to Zed's signature Super Reincarnation ability, where he gets stronger with every un-death, Disgaea 6 adds other accessibility features, such as difficulty modifiers, so it's accommodating for newcomers and longtime fans.

If you're just catching up on Disgaea 6, get a glimpse of what's in store with our Disgaea 6 character overview.


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Published Mar. 4th 2021

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