Top Questions We Hope FNAF 4 The Final Chapter Answers

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Scott Cawthon has some explaining to do. Well, not really. But it would be nice especially with Freddy Fazbear's finally looking to close down for good. 

The Final Chapter has been announced to drop on Halloween of this year as the; you guessed it, final chapter in the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise.

When the news dropped about the fourth and final sequel, fans began digging for plot clues and all began to point to The Bite of '87. It didn't take long for a confirmation as a teaser image featuring a rather vicious looking Springtrap-esque Freddy Fazbear began to surface across the internet. 

Whether you're happy to see it go or sad to see it leave if you're like me, you're hoping to see a final wrap up. So, Scott, we have questions and we want answers. 

Here are some of the top questions we hope to see answered in the upcoming and final game. 

Published Jun. 1st 2015
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    I've never played FNaF, simply because I'm easily terrified by scary movies and games. I won't sleep for a few nights after watching/playing something scary, and I definitely can't close my eyes in the shower because that's the exact time that the rotting skeleton-ghost from the cover of that one Goosebumps book would phase through the wall and eat my face.

    But that hasn't kept me from reading all about FNaF and the theories. I need to know the answers to these questions!! Somebody's gotta let me know how it turns out.

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