Microsoft Attempting to Purchase Minecraft Maker Mojang

Microsoft attempts to buy Mojang, the maker of Minecraft.

Trade talks are underway between Computer Giant Microsoft and Mojang the maker of one of the best selling games of our era, Minecraft. This deal is currently being discussed by the respective companies and it is expected that if the buyout takes place it will happen as early as this week. 

It is reported from a source that is knowledgable on the matter that a deal is now on the table that is totalling in at over 2 billion dollars. In a previous attempt to purchase Mojang by multiple companies back in 2013 the creator of Minecraft had previously stated they had no intention to sell the company. Despite this there is a great deal of speculation that this attitude by Mojang has changed and they are now open to a deal.

This deal comes right after the release of Minecraft for Microsoft's Xbox One as a digital download that took place on September 5th. 



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Published Oct. 27th 2017
  • Zachary Welter
    Featured Contributor
    Clickbait like this is exactly why I'm pretty much going to stop using this website. "A source knowledgeable on the matter"? Just admit that you have no idea what you're taking about and are just writing about rumors, instead of making it sound like it's official.

    And people wonder why games journalism isn't taken seriously.
  • another angry nerd
    Fuck you Microsoft! It's bad enough that Facebook just bought Oculus. I think I speak for every Minecraft player when I say YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! If Microsoft buys Mojang, it will become even more unfriendly toward mod developers.

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