Studio MDHR Releases Cuphead on PlayStation 4, Delays Last Course DLC

Cuphead is out now on PlayStation 4, but we'll still be waiting a while for The Delicious Last Course.

The Summer Game Fest is still going strong, with today's big update coming from Studio MDHR of Cuphead fame. There were several Cuphead updates mentioned, but the biggest news is that Cuphead is coming to PlayStation 4 — right now.

The news was accompanied by a stop-motion Cuphead recreating the 1930s cartoon style that inspired the game to begin with. There's a detailed PlayStation Blog post from the studio breaking down the process and how '30s animation techniques blended with modern design.

Whether that design process has anything to do with what we can expect from The Cuphead Show when it releases is another matter. Studio MDHR said the show is still a work in progress, though it has advanced far enough for some of the development team's children to watch episodes.

The other incoming Cuphead update is, of course, the Cuphead DLC: The Delicious Last Course. However, MDHR's Maja Moldenhauer said "DLC" might not be completely accurate at this point, since it's expanded so much from its concept days.

Last Course includes a brand-new playable character and plenty of surprises MDHR isn't going to spoil. In other words, no big Cuphead DLC news until closer to launch.

Moldenhauer also said that launch has been delayed, since there's more work than the team expected in making The Delicious Last Course as good as it can be. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Cuphead news as it develops.


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Published Jul. 28th 2020

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