[Infographic] Exclusive Game Titles: Wii U vs. XBox One vs. PS4

Here they are, born the be kings, it's the princes of the console-verse. Welcome to the gathering, there can be only one. Or three.

The E3 Expo in Los Angeles is renowned as a games industry battlefield, with the big guns keeping their powder dry all year, conserving ammo for this big media shootout.

With the biggest names in the business stepping up to usher in the next generation of gaming consoles, 2013 has delivered more than its share of scathing salvoes, media mortars and shock and awe presentations.

As Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft once again square off, software developers play a multi-million dollar Game of Digital Thrones in backing some—or all—of the platforms.

But when all the ammo is spent, all the wares are touted and all the webs are spun, it really comes down to the numbers. Obligingly, the ever enterprising denizens of the internet belched forth information which handily displays just that sort of data, listing E3-announced game titles by platform, highlighting exclusives and totals.

[Click to enlarge]

The Wii U comes in first for exclusives - with thirteen - although the majority are proprietary titles featuring Mario and co.

The Xbox One edges out the PlayStation 4 with seven exclusive titles to five. Microsoft may claim that's actually eight, but I'll be damned if I'm going to include Minecraft: Xbox One Edition just because they added a few words to the title.

Most publishers have taken the sensible option of providing for both the Microsoft and Sony platforms (21 titles), with far fewer favouring the lower specifications of the Wii U enough to include it, with only 4 titles appearing on all three next-generation consoles.

What about current gen consoles?

Thankfully, those of us not rich or brave enough to be early adopters will be pleased to know that the established platforms are still getting plenty of love, with many titles planned and even some exclusives for:

  • PC (37 titles, 2 exclusives)
  • PS3 (38 titles, 5 exclusives)
  • XBox 360 (36 titles, no exclusives)

Many of the trailers for these titles can be found in this E3 Game Trailers Roundup.

Published Jun. 13th 2013
  • Adam_3061
    Where are games like planetside2, primal carnage, and others that are ps4/pc games but not xbox one
  • kdwill13
    The Division for the PS4 is also missing.
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    I didn't have that verified info at time of writing, but thanks for the tip. I'll check and update.

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