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We know it's a little early to start on the "Best of" lists of the year, but after spending some time with Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we just couldn't help ourselves.

In this slideshow, you'll find an amazing collection of what we think are the best Minecraft: PE seeds of 2016 (so far!).

Spawn on an island village

Seed: 98932

No trees? No problem! You spawn on a tree-less island with a village. Make a beeline for the blacksmith, and you'll find his chest contains both saplings and apples -- more than enough to get your own grove started.

There are several smaller islands close to your home island if you feel like playing the part of Johnny Appleseed.

Spawn in the Jungle

Seed: -114648

Change your heading to about 7 o'clock and be prepared for a long hike through the jungle. This seed is great for when you're in an adventurous mood. Once through the jungle, you'll come to a village on the border between the desert and jungle biomes. You'll be able to see a desert temple from the village, giving this seed a very Indiana Jones-esque feeling.


Spawn near a mountain

Seed: 21609215

If you love long hikes (or short flights), then this seed is well worth the journey. To the right of your spawn is a savannah mountain. Climb straight over it, and you'll see a big open field with more mountains in the distance. On the left side of those mountains is a valley. Go straight through that valley, and keep going, ensuring the savannah mountain stays on your left. Be patient, and you'll reach this seed's most unusual feature: a triple village which sits partway on a mountain and offers spectacular views of the massive walk you took. Not far from the village is a desert spotted with temples.

 Spawn slightly out of sight of a village

Seed: 77301621

You won't be able to immediately see what makes this seed one of the best Minecraft PE seeds. But if you head diagonally to the left from your spawn, you'll soon come in sight of a village. This is no ordinary village -- it has a witch problem. Keep the shoreline on your left as you begin your witch hunt, and follow it until you reach the witch's hut.


Spawn on an island

Seed: -1060246543

What makes this island special is the presence of not one but two villages. Village pathways extend into the ocean to make quaint docks. Buildings from both villages are stacked on top of each other, and the presence of two wells confirms that this awesome little island plays host to a double village.

Spawn on a large island

Seed: google chrome

Have you ever thought about heading to a desert island for some solitude? This seed allows you to go one better -- you can maroon yourself on a pair of mushroom islands.

You start out on a well stocked island, and will have plenty of resources for building a boat. Launch your boat to the left of your spawn point and get rowing. You'll reach these islands in no time.


Spawn within range of a double village

Seed: TrophieMoney

You'll spawn within range of what first appears to be a mirage. Head towards it and you'll come across a double desert village. You can see from the above picture that this is no ordinary village -- for better or worse. Many of the buildings are cut in half, which gives this village a very distinctive look. The price of such a cool configuration is that the blacksmith's smithy is also truncated, meaning no chest.

Spawn on an island

Seed: -2139956204

Almost all of the other seeds we've featured have had something practical to them. As for this seed? We honestly wouldn't know. Turn to the left when you spawn and you will be in sight of some jaw-dropping mountains that jut into the clouds. The tiny island you spawn on is dwarfed by these formidable giants.


Spawn nowhere special

Seed: 1754

It might take you a little while to find what makes this seed so special. That's fine, because good things come to those who wait...or in this case, those who head slightly 10'o-clock from where they spawn for 200-300 blocks. Once there, you'll come across a village spliced with the mushroom biome. The mooshrooms are everywhere. It's amazing.

Spawn near the desert

Seed: -2025962066

The only bad thing about dungeons is that there's no real way to locate them besides blind digging. This seed seems to understand this, and offers an impressive surface dungeon as well as several stops on the journey there.

Once you spawn, turn right, and get walking. You'll soon come across the desert and the first of three desert villages. Continue onwards in a straight line and you'll hit both of the remaining villages. At the third village, turn right again. Keep walking until the desert gives way to extreme hills. Look for a mountainous overhang. Nestled under it is the surface dungeon.

Spawn right next to a witch's hut

Seed: 1139032603

The action has the potential to get started right away in this seed. You'll spawn right next to a witch's hut that has lost its stilts. If you're feeling brave, why not knock on the door and see if she's home? If you're not up for trick-or-treating, however, the swamp biome surrounding the hut offers plenty of resources to help you prepare for the confrontation.

Spawn near a large sand hill

Seed: 1277659

Head in a 2-o'clock direction from spawn. You'll be in for a bit of a hike, but at the end of it is a triple desert village, making it worth your while. You'll know you're heading in the right direction when you spot a small sand hill and a pool of lava.

The sprawling village is bisected by a river. It features two blacksmiths and an abundance of farms. You'll be able to live like a king in this huge desert oasis.

Views, villages, and vicarious combat situations -- these Minecraft: PE seeds have got it all. If you've played one of them, let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear about your experiences with this great collection of seeds.

Published Apr. 15th 2016

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