Death's Door is Waiting For You This July

You know, Death's Door, that recently announced indie game from developer Acid Nerve and publisher Devolver Digital.

Death's Door is a recently announced indie game that got its first gameplay trailer during the Day of the Devs 2021 presentation leading up to E3 2021. The action-adventure RPG received a bit more love, though, during Devolver Digital's E3 showcase by way of a new trailer and launch date. Death's Door is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on July 20.

The game features an isometric view and a world design that can be just a vibrant as it is dreary. In it, you take control of a Crow whose job it is to reap souls.

This game isn't actually about reaping souls, though: it's about what happens when a soul is stolen. As the crow, you'll set out and find a thief who takes you to a place where death dare not even go. 

The trailer shows off the wide arsenal you'll be wielding, along with many of the dangers you'll face and what looks to be some particularly challenging boss battles. Since Death's Door is currently only launching on Xbox consoles and PC, it could potentially be another title set to launch straight into Xbox Game Pass, though there has been no word on that one way or the other. 

Death's Door can be pre-purchased on Steam right now, as well as the Microsoft Store. It is currently 15% off through both storefronts, taking its normal $19.99 price stage down to $16.99. 


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Published Jun. 12th 2021

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