Shovel Knight gets a physical release

A year after its original digital only release, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight is getting a physical release.

A year ago, a throwback to NES games of old (both in terms of visuals and controller-snapping difficulty) named Shovel Knight was released to great critical acclaim, numerous awards and accolades and impressive sales. Yacht Club Games was a brand new developer (founded in 2011) and Shovel Knight was their first ever game, so it made sense that it was a digital only release. The game was released on just about every system from PC to console to handheld. 

With their financial success, Yacht Club Games today announced that they are now in a position to respond to demands, and release a physical copy of Shovel Knight which they are going to self publish. The physical copy will cost $20 rather than $15, but it is a small price for the pleasure of adding this little gem to your shelf.

The Knight and his trusty shovel are back

With digital only releases been long rumoured to completely take over, it is great for those of us who love collecting a physical library that developers such as Yacht Club Games understand our needs and wants. The physical game will include all updates released up to this point and will receive all future updates as well.

Shovel Knights physical release is coming to Xbox One, Playstaion 4, Wii U and Nintendo DS. No PS Vita physical edition is planned but in response to a comment asking precisely this question, a Yacht Club Games moderator stated:

We don’t have any plans at the moment, but we’d love to make a PS Vita version eventually. Hopefully one day!

Are you a huge fan of physical releases? Would you re-purchase a game that you love just to have it on your shelf. Let us know in the comments below.


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Published Jun. 30th 2015

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