5 cute games like Neko Atsume to fall in love with

Boku to Wanko

What if you took Neko Atsume, but instead of cats you collected dogs?

That's pretty much the premise of Boku to Wanko: It's Neko Atsume with dogs. Lots and lots of absolutely adorable dogs, and they don't take all that much time to befriend.

In some ways Boku to Wanko can be considered a bit of a knock-off -- after all, it's not all that unique -- but it's really the only animal collecting game for dog lovers. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Things work a little differently in this game. The dogs don't have names --instead they are breeds. Sometimes cats come by and steal their food, and each breed has a set timer for how long they have to stay at your house before they give you a gift. 

It's too cute to ignore, and if you like dogs this game is probably your best bet.

Boku to Wanko is currently available in English on Google Play but its Japanese-only on iTunes. Check out my easy guide for signing up for a Japanese iTunes account if you're interested.

Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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