Greatest RPG Buffs and Debuffs -- and Their Real World Counterparts

Dark Souls 3 - Toxic

Troll Video by: Fighter .PL

Toxic and poison were nerfed in our newest installment of the Dark Souls franchise, but it is still the RPG to check out if you take DoT effects seriously. While poison is serious, Toxic can be devastating. The effect causes damage every second for 300 seconds.

Poison and Toxic in Dark Souls can be caused by a variety of items, and poison in real life is no different.

The history books are full of people poisoning entire armies with different plants and, more recently, chemical concoctions. This may be the one thing video games have to re-create more modestly, or a poison build would be the only way to go. 

Three women serial killers of Ancient Rome, Locusta, Canidia and Martina, are rumored to have taken out several nobles and even emperors. They preferred nightshade, but were skilled with several types.

Published Jan. 13th 2017

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