Teaser trailer for Shipbreakers, the pre-sequel to Homeworld 2

Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive are producing an addition in the Homeworld franchise called Shipbreakers.

During the big Unity conference in Boston last month, the team behind the new Homeworld game released a teaser trailer that just now got uploaded to YouTube. 

The trailer was actually shown at the conference this past September, including a bunch of other information within the YouTube video - specifically, info how they're producing the game.

Shipbreakers: the pre-sequel to Homeworld

When Gearbox acquired the Homeworld franchise back in 2013, the idea for Hardware: Shipbreakers had already in the mix since 2011. And it's finally showing some progress under Blackbird Interactive, titled as just Shipbreakers

With Shipbreakers, Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox hope to touch on some events that happened before the original Homeworld game. This would make Shipbreakers a pre-sequel to Homeworld.

When Shipbreakers finally comes out, it'll be well over a decade since the last Homeworld game was produced. Needless to say, Blackbird and Gearbox will have a ton of pressure weighing upon them to make a game worthy of being in the franchise's world, which we all hope they can do.

What do you think of Gearbox's Shipbreakers? Is there any interesting information in the conference's video? Share your thoughts below on the game that's been in the making for nearly six years!

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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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