GameStop to Host PS4 Pre-Launch Events

GameStop stores around the country will be holding special events this weekend to celebrate the PS4 release.

In celebration of the PlayStation 4’s upcoming release on the 15th of November, GameStop stores across America will be holding special pre-launch events. These events will take place on Saturday, November 10.

At these pre-launch events, customers who pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 will receive triple trade-in bonus credit for all hardware. Yeah, that’s a 90% increase. Nice. However, this offer is only able to be applied to their PlayStation 4 purchase, and credit from software trade-ins will remain the same as always.

Some branches of GameStop will have PlayStation 4 units available for demos. Customers can also purchase PS4 accessories and some games at these events, including DualShock 4 controllers.

Many GameStop stores will also stay open until midnight on the night of November 14 and will begin the sale of PlayStation 4 consoles at 12:01am. As GameStop has sold out of the PlayStation 4, this, of course, only applies to those who have already pre-ordered a console.

Similar events should be occurring the following weekend in preparation for the Xbox One release on November 22.


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Published Nov. 7th 2013

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