Unauthorized amiibo data saving device called amiiqo

A UK developer has produced the amiiqo product that saves data for 200 amiibos and will share their information on a network.

Out in the world there's an unauthorized amiibo data saving device called amiiqo that is making waves in the UK after being available for pre-order through their personal website.

The device, innocent as it looks, is fairly malicious technology. Not only does it save amiibos but will share them on a network, which happens to be unauthorized by the Nintendo company.

Should it be legal?

The whole gimmick behind the amiiqo is that you can save data from your amiibo figures onto a single gadget. It seems a bit fishy because it comes pre-loaded with 10 amiibos, 5 of which are claimed to be unreleased to the public.

With the pre-loaded amiibos, it isn't defined if these are home-brewed characters or official, but for them to have 5 unreleased from the public seems unlikely. 

"The image can be from a 'blank' (new, unplayed) figurine but also from a amiibo that was already leveled up or with power-ups, making it a super effective cheat system,"

The amiiqo requires an Android device to provide the communication. On the Android device, an app needs to be downloaded to allow the information transfer from the figurine to the amiiqo gadget.

Once this is initially done, the amiiqo is then available to be used on the Wii U of the user's selection.

Saving Amiibo Data and Sharing

The amiiqo is most valuable because it can save up to 200 figurines' information and allows the user to scroll through their saves. It's also implied that users can share their amiibos on a network eventually to start a limitless and ultimate collection.

"With Amiiqo and the help of some friends (or the internet) you can own ALL existing Amiibo’s including the rarest ones, this way you can progress much much faster. 

Amiiqo is the ultimate Amiibo collection in the palm of your hand."

This technology is a bit disturbing. The whole idea of the amiibo figures is a competition to "collect them all" sort of like real life Pokemon. By providing a technology that allows a user to possess all amiibos, it defeats the purpose of wanting to collect them. 

Below is a YouTube video added by user zizou9432 using the amiiqo device on their Wii U.

When it comes to purchasing the device, it will be shipped out from pre-order on Friday August 21st, for the price of £49.75, $78.02 USD. 

I highly doubt Nintendo will approve of this 'technology ripoff' or allow it in national competitions. I will be reaching out to Nintendo personally trying to get information on how they feel about this technology that could not only limit the specialty that amiibos provide, but their revenue. 

What do you think about this amiiqo device that's emerged from the UK? Is it a ripoff to loyal Nintendo fans, or a genius device that will cripple Nintendo's amiibo revenue? 

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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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