Final Splatoon Splatfest scheduled for July 22

The final Splatfest will not only last two days, but pits Squid Sisters Callie and Marie against each other! You can vote for the stages, too.

After 15 brutal showdowns, the Splatfests of Splatoon will sadly be ending next month.

Be it cats vs. dogs or SpongeBob vs. Patrick, these ink-filled turf wars have been the highlight of the game's online multiplayer. Callie and Marrie, otherwise known as the Squid Sisters, have hosted the Splatfests while simultaneously representing opposing teams, presenting a friendly (not so friendly?) rivalry between the two.

On July 22th, that rivalry will get personal, as the final Splatfest will be Team Callie vs. Team Marie. Unlike previous Splatfests, this battle will last for two days -- going from Friday, July 22 at 2 AM PT until Sunday, July 24 at 2 AM PT. While players are figuring out which Squid Sister to fight for, they'll be able to vote for the stages present in the Splatfest. Players with Nintendo Network IDs will be sent emails for the vote, which ends July 12.

Finally, it's been confirmed there will be no cross-region play for this Splatfest. For example, American players will only be able to battle other Americans.

Will you be participating in the final Splatfest? Let us know in the comments below!

Published Jun. 30th 2016

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