New promotional video for Ys VIII released

Ys VII's new PV is released. It displays several features that can be found in the new Ys game.

Nihon Falcom has released the newest promo video of its action RPG Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of DANA.

Voice actor Banjo Ginga, who would be very familiar to the fan of Ys series, is the narrator in the video. The promo video starts with how Adol (the protagonist) and his party arrived in the Isle of Seiren, and continues while showing Dana, who appears in Adol's dreams, and the city she lives in. Such features are illustrated through in-game animations and event scenes.

Also, the promo video includes contents such as the change of scenery, how characters move around the map, fishing, battle system, etc. Adol and Dana's EXTRA Skills and their effects are displayed in the video, too.

The official website has been updated recently, including the new information from the promotion video.

The PS Vita version will be released on July 17th, but the PS4 version will be released in 2017.


Published Sep. 13th 2017

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