Street Fighter V Finally Dealing with Rage Quitters

Sick and tired of sore losers dropping out of games of Street Fighter V and denying you your win? Capcom is (finally) doing something about it.

When Street Fighter V first launched back in February, it had numerous problems plaguing it. There was a lack of content, dodgy servers and (arguably most annoyingly) no real countermeasures for rage quitters -- players who drop out of online matches just as they lose or just before they lose, thus denying the victor their well-deserved win. Well, after months and months of waiting, Capcom has finally come up with ways to deter and punish these players.

Starting from today, Capcom's new set of measures will be rolling out. First is a new set of penalties. If you rage-quit a match, your standing in the online leagues will automatically drop. Plus, every time you rage-quit, you will be locked out of online matchmaking for a set period of time. Basically, if you're going to keep quitting matches, you can't play the game and have to go sit in the naughty corner.

Capcom has also apparently developed a new set of guidelines that will make it easier to determine who is actually rage-quitting matches. Capcom has had trouble in the past discerning the different between rage-quitters and players who exit the fight after losing.

With any luck, Capcom's new countermeasures will prove successful and players can look forward to clean and fair matches in the future. Or at the very least know that the sore losers are being punished.


Published Aug. 16th 2016

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