Australia deems League of Legends an official sport

Unigames has officially sanctioned League of Legends as an official sport.

Everyone rejoice, League of Legends (LoL) has officially been sanctioned as a sport in Australia. Thanks to a partnership between Riot Games and Unigames, students can compete in League during the Australian University Games, the largest sporting event held for college students where they aim to bring home a championship for their respective universities. 

Avid university LoL players now have a reason to leave their dorm rooms, join forces, and conquer the league down under.

University Teams can qualify for the Games by ascending through a series of tournaments that range from Inter-University to Regional to National. Their journey ultimately culminates in a title match played in front of a live crowd in Perth and the official Australian University Games.

With eSports exploding in popularity; schools now offering scholarships to eSports athletes; and now the adoption as an official sport; what is next for League of Legends and other eSports -- perhaps the Olympic Games?


Published May. 28th 2016

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