Applications for the SIEGE Investment Conference Have Been Opened

The chance to get big investors in on the ground floor of your game company is here. If your pitch is good enough, that is.

If you've been looking for a chance to get some big name companies investing in your projects, a solid opportunity has presented itself. This year in Atlanta, at the 7th Annual SIEGE Investment Conference, video game producers will be able to pitch their ideas to a board of 40+ judges, who will decide whether or not their project is worth investing in. This event is being sponsored by the Georgia Game Developer's Association (GGDA). 

Hardware manufacturers, hosting services, and business incubators are all eligible to participate, with the list of investors including prestigious companies such as Angel Investors and the Venture Capitalists.

These are just some of the companies sponsoring the conference.

This news comes on the heels of a bill, signed into law by the Georgia Governor, that makes qualification for tax benefits much easier for video game development companies. As a result of this, investment value for gaming companies has gone up, and the risks normally associated with doing so have been severely reduced.

Of the many different applications that get sent in, only about 8 to 10 finalists will be selected. These finalists will then be able to present in front of the many judges at the event, and will be eligible to win sponsorship from some of the represented studios. The highest rated finalist will also win a $1000 prize, independent of the previously mentioned sponsorships.

So if you're looking for investors for your start-up company, there's few opportunities better than this one. If you're interested, you can apply on SIEGE's website.

We here at Gameskinny wish the best of luck towards all participating. And whether you're attending the conference as a developer or a fan, be sure to drop by our GS panel at SIEGE to learn how indie developers and the press can work together. 


Published Jul. 12th 2017

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