Hogwarts Legacy: How to Add Upgrades and Traits to Gear

Equipment in Hogwarts Legacy can be enhanced with upgrades and traits. Here's how to unlock the ability to buff your gear.

Gear can be acquired throughout Hogwarts LegacySometimes this gear is great, sometimes it isn't. On the gear cards are spaces for upgrades and traits, which buff your equipment in various ways. Here's how to unlock upgrades and traits for your gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Unlock Gear Upgrades and Traits 

"The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom" is your first quest from Deek, the house elf who helps you in the Room of Requirement. Not only does he teach you how to catch magical beasts, but he gives you the spellcraft for the Loom, a magical weaving table. The Loom allows you to add upgrades to your gear, as well as add or change traits. 

Once the Loom is conjured, you can interact with it to upgrade and add traits to your equipment. Deek explains that both require magical beast products, such as Unicorn hair or Kneazle whiskers. These components can be gathered from the beasts housed in the Vivarium.

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How to Upgrade Gear

Not every piece of gear collected can be upgraded. If the item can be upgraded, three empty slots will show in the middle of the item's info card. These items can be upgraded three times, with each requiring their own components. 

To add upgrades, select the item you want to upgrade at the Loom. Once selected, the components needed and in what amount will be displayed, as well as what the upgrade will add to your gear. Usually, upgrades will increase the items opposite stat, such as a defensive item getting an offensive upgrade. 

Each tier of upgrades has a different amount of components needed. The first tier typically requires one type of beast product, such as a Jobberknoll Feather or Mooncalf Fur. After the first upgrade, more component types are added, as well as an increased amount for the original component. The final tier costs the most and often requires rare breast products, like Phoenix Feather. 

How to Add Traits to Gear 

To add a trait to equipment, interact with the Loom and pick your item. Once the item card shows, select "choose trait" which will bring up a list of all currently unlocked traits, organized by level and if they are defensive, offensive, deal or with Ancient Magic. The list of traits will also show the cost of weaving it into the item.

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There are three levels of traits that can be selected, but only certain types of gear can withstand the magic of a level two or three trait.

Purple gear can have up to level two traits equipped, while gold gear are the only ones that can have level three traits added. Once you choose the trait you want, and have the components, you can weave it into your equipment.

Equipment acquired in game from chests or as quest rewards can come with an already assigned trait. While great, sometimes the trait is not the best fit for your talent build. Follow the same process of adding a trait to overwrite the previous trait with a new you select. Traits are not permanently infused into your gear and can be changed depending on quest. 

That is how you add upgrade and traits to your gear in Hogwarts Legacy. Adding upgrades will increase your defensive and offensive capabilities, while traits can buff your Ancient Magic, spells or decrease enemy damage. For other guides, how to get in the house you want, or where certain shops are, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides

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Published Feb. 20th 2023

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