Pokemon Generations Slated to Premier On YouTube This Friday

The Pokemon Company International will be releasing a Pokemon mini-series on YouTube this Friday giving players a more intimate look at the Pokemon Series.

This morning, the Pokemon Company International announced that it was going to premier Pokemon Generations, a brand new series of Pokemon shorts. On Friday, September 16, 5 P.M. BST (12 P.M. EST for American viewers) the first episode will air on the Pokemon YouTube ChannelGenerations takes players on a trip through memory lane, examining each game in the Pokemon series through a broader scope in hopes of connecting viewers and the characters on a much deeper level. 

From Kanto to Kalos, Generations will enable the Pokemon audience to relive their travels from the world of Pokemon like they never have before. Slated for 18 episodes, each short will run between 3 to 5 minutes with two premiering this Friday. The trailer hints at Red as the protagonist, showing him challenging Zygarde in its final form in a cave, reaching for a pokeball, and fighting off a Noivern while careening along in a mine cart. Characters who will be making an appearence range from N, Team Plasma Grunts, and various games throughout the series. 

Make sure to check out the Pokemon YouTube Channel this Friday to relive classic childhood memories. 

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Published Sep. 13th 2016

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