New Batman: Arkham VR Trailer Arrives from Gamescom

The trailer shows some of the PS VR exclusive's gameplay, as well as fan reactions.

Rocksteady's latest game in their acclaimed Batman: Arkham series is a quite different experience than the previous entries. The new Batman: Arkham VR is a PlayStation VR-exclusive experience that lets the player "become the Batman."

This week at Gamescom DC, Warner Bros. Interactive, and Rocksteady released a trailer showing fan reactions from their experiences with the game, as well as some gameplay too. Users got to see Gotham and Wayne Manor as Batman does, and shows him descending into the Batcave. The game allows the player to use the PlayStation Move controllers to play around with iconic Batman items, such as putting on the cowl and throwing batarangs.

From fan reactions, it seems to be a visually impressive game that pushes the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 further. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

Batman: Arkham VR is coming out October 1, 2016, exclusively on the PlayStation VR. 


Published Aug. 16th 2016

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