The Top 10 Minecraft Seeds for Halloween 2017

Seed: 1364287100241175484
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Ocean

There's a lot to this seed. In the midst of a roofed forest, you'll find a huge mansion, then there's a village—regular, not zombie—an ocean monument, and even a cave system. Here are the coordinates for the major features.

  • Mansion: x 536; z 600
  • Village: x 600; z 232
  • Ocean Monument: x 792; z -872

The mansion has its fair share of loot, and the monument gives you sponges. The village is a pretty sizeable one as well, with plenty of farmers, clerics, and a blacksmith. Some players use this for the mercenary challenge as well, since it has everything you need to complete it as you embark on your own, unique survival quest.

Published Oct. 22nd 2017

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