Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest Guide

Wondering how to get the last Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest in Hermes' Secret Hideout? This quick walkthrough tells you how to do that.

If you're the type to complete all of the activities in an open-world game, there's an activity in Immortals Fenyx Rising that may be driving you madder than a Greek tragedy. You know the one. It's the Epic Chest in the Observatory, and no, it's not impossible to find. It just seems that way.

In this quick walkthrough guide, we'll show you how to get inside Hermes' Secret hideout, which is where you'll find that last Epic Chest in the game's starting area. Here's what you need to know about the Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest.

How to Get the Observatory Epic Chest in the Observatory

Like many of the game's most detailed vistas, the Observatory is home to several puzzles all near each other, so much so that it can be hard to know where one ends and another begins.

But in the case of the Observatory Epic Chest, you're not overlooking any puzzle solution staring back at you. Knowing how to find it is trickier than that. This (presumably final) Epic Chest is stashed away inside Hermes' Secret Hideout, and to get there, you'll have to be a little bit lucky.

When fast traveling to Hall of the Gods, your hub for upgrades, crafting, and taking on timed missions to earn more rewards, you'll occasionally end up at Hermes' Secret hideout instead.

While the internet is full of theories as to how one gets there easily, the fact is that the exact parameters are still unclear, but here's how it worked for me.

How I Got to Hall of the Gods: Hermes' Secret Hideout

I had just meditated (hold pause) to change the time of day to nighttime. From there, I tried to fast travel to Hall of the Gods, but suddenly found myself in Hermes' Secret Hideout. I did not travel from the Observatory to Hall of the Gods. 

In front of me was the last Epic Chest on Clashing Rocks, and behind me was a fast-travel interaction to continue onto Hall of the Gods. 

It seems, like others have speculated, that trying to fast travel to Hall of the Gods at night gives players a percentage chance at winding up in Hermes' Secret Hideout instead.

I don't yet know if you can get there more than once, so be sure to grab the Epic Chest in your first (and maybe only) visit. 

For me, this success came unexpectedly after several attempts days earlier to get into the hideout to no avail. Though I didn't travel from the Observatory to Hall of the Gods, it does seem like it has to be night when it happens based on Hermes' voice line when you arrive, as he teases that you're having a weird dream. 

There's still some ambiguity surrounding how to get the last Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest, but if you fast travel to Hall of the Gods at night, you are rolling the right die and giving yourself a chance to clear the map at Clashing Rocks. For more on Immortals Fenyx Rising, consider heading over to our guides hub for the game, which includes best upgrades for early play, lyre challenges, and how to get the Stadium Armor. 


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Published Dec. 9th 2020

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