Discover the Sinister Truth About Iceland and CCP Games in This New EVE Documentary Teaser

The yearly EVE Online celebrations in Iceland see hundreds of sci-fi enthusiasts flock to a remote, volcanic island. But what is REALLY going on up there? The ATOIS team found out...

In April of this year, a plucky team of video journalists travelled to Iceland, their mission to study the strange phenomenon that is EVE Fanfest and gain a greater understanding of the culture of Internet Spaceships.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help out, acting as an honorary member of the team, as a guide, liaison, sherpa and bloke-who-waves-his-hands-around-a-lot.

It was my third Fanfest attendance and I really enjoyed watching the newcomers as they pieced together the sci-fi craziness that goes on in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

As they continue work on their feature length documentary, A Tale of Internet Spaceships, the Swedish film-makers have produced a charming travelogue teaser featuring highlights from their experience.

But look carefully and you will see the sinister truth behind CCP's activities on that remote, harsh North Atlantic rock. Be afraid.

Soon after arrival, I try to explain EVE politics (or possibly offer an invisible fish) to BBC's Adam Rosser as Petter films.


The bar which has become the unofficial pre-Fanfest gathering point. Don't think badly of these folks for heavy drinking in daylight hours - this is Iceland, it could be 4am. ;)


As Fanfest gets underway, Petter and fellow Swede, EVE A-lister Chribba, discuss their pole dancing routines. Petter claims he can get his legs higher.


An unknown journalist loses his chewing gum whilst playing EVE on the Oculus Rift. As CCP ensures everyone takes part, many brains are made more pliable by this technology. But to what end?


CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson officiates the wedding of EVE fans Tarsisis and Idunn Aasgard as select members of the dev team form an honour guard in their dress whites. Rumours that CCP attendance was based on their fighting ability are unfounded.


EVE spymaster and celebrity turned media mogul The Mittani (aka Alex Gianturco) attempts to use his evil mind control powers on myself, Keza MacDonald of IGN and ATOIS documentarian Petter Mårtensson. Inexplicably, I really like bees now.


Over a dozen teams of rowdy, drunk nerds are assessed for 'suitability' by CCP devs as they set out from Fanfest to invade Reykjavik town centre on Friday night. At least the flags give locals fair warning.


True to their Viking heritage, ten year CCP veterans are awarded a bloody great sword. Seriously, it really isn't worth breaking those controversial Terms of Service, these guys are packing.


Massively columnist and Predestination developer Brendan Drain relaxes with Petter, surrounded by the bizarre architectural glory of the Harpa concert hall. They start to piece together the truth about Iceland and Fanfest...


The Blue Lagoon, a tranquil, volcanically-heated natural pool. Or possibly an outdoor processing plant where they lure unsuspecting tourists and boil off their flesh to fuel world domination plans. You decide.


Petter and Philip watch helplessly from their vantage point as The Mittani and his zombie Viking slaves round up unsuspecting tourists for processing. There's no sign of Elin!


In the final act of A Tale of Internet Spaceships, the true horror is unveiled as CCP's secret cloning facilities under the volcano are exposed. Sadly, it is too late for these poor souls who are being herded into the biomass tanks.


What has happened to the diminutive third documentarian, Elin? Why are they building an army of zombie Vikings? What part does The Mittani play? Is Chribba involved? Can the evil machinations of CCP Games be stopped?

We'll have to wait for the full A Tale of Internet Spaceships documentary to find out.

[Disclaimer: Some of the above information may not be entirely accurate and the documentary might actually be a far more serious look into the relationship between CCP Games and their customers. But then again, it might not.]

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Published Sep. 19th 2013

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