The Order: 1886 Footage Coming Tomorrow, Is Truly "Next-Gen"

Looks like we'll finally see some in-game footage of this promising PS4 exclusive, and we should be hyped!

Many have wondered if developer Ready at Dawn could deliver a true-blue next-gen experience on the PlayStation 4.

The answer, according to several industry insiders, is a resounding "yes."

However, we'll soon be able to judge for ourselves, as we're hearing reports that brand new footage for the PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, will debut tomorrow. Will it be one of the PS4's first AAA titles? Well-known industry insider Ahsan Rasheed (aka "thuway") certainly thinks so.

As seen at Worlds Factory, Rasheed has tossed up a Tweet that's making the rounds:

 We've heard more and more about this game over the past month, and the vast majority of leaked reports are immensely positive. Of course, we really have to see this footage before our jaws hit the floor, but our expectations are now positively through the roof.

For now, The Order: 1886 doesn't have a firm release date, but it might be ready to go for the holiday season.

One thing to remember about Ready at Dawn...

Okay, so they're not exactly battle-tested on consoles. However, they produced several really amazing God of War titles for the PSP, and don't forget that they're a first-party Sony studio. Sony will give them all the help they need, so they've got the advantage when developing for PS4. Fingers crossed for greatness!

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Published Feb. 4th 2014

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