Call of Duty 2014 Development Focusing on Next-Gen Platforms

If you think Call of Duty has been going in the wrong direction, here's some encouraging news.

Yeah, I know. Call of Duty needs some sort of overhaul, right? It's old and stale, and perhaps the perfect example of that staleness was last year's Ghosts.

If you agree with that negative viewpoint, you might be encouraged by the news concerning this year's CoD installment. Firstly, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told IGN that development of the new title is focusing on "next-gen-first development." Obviously, this means they're working to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware.

Details are few and far between at this time, but it's great to hear that each new CoD effort from here on out will get a three-year development window, as opposed to two. Said Hirshberg:

"On the two-year cycle, with the level of content we were putting in the games, it became a real horse race each and every time to get everything done that we wanted to get done. With next-gen hardware, we’ve got more capabilities than ever before to play with and we want to make sure our developers have the time to innovate, iterate, to bring the best creative vision and the most possible polish to each and every game."

Furthermore, Hirshberg said that because they give their studios "a lot of independence," Sledgehammer will likely deliver something very different. They were told to "do it their way," which might result in a very new-feeling Call of Duty.

One can hope, anyway.

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Published Feb. 11th 2014

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