$500,000 Kickstarter Launched: Is Project Snowstorm the Most Ambitious Mobile RPG to Date?

Is mobile ready for a game the scale of Project Snowstorm? We're about to find out.
  • Rich, adaptable MMO storyline complete with PvP endgame
  • Soundtrack by the creator who scored trailers for Ironman, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Slick 3D visuals (the better to admire your enemies and pets with)
  • Real time battles with bosses and players alike

This isn't a leaked feature list for a game on an upcoming next gen console.

If it was, it would be less remarkable.

But it is remarkable, because this list encompasses just a few of the highlights of what might be the most ambitious mobile game to date, codenamed "Project Snowstorm."


SnowFury moves to set a higher bar for mobile games

In an ambitious move, SnowFury Studios aims to bring gamers a rich RPG experience the equal of a console or PC title, directly on their mobile phone.

"We hope to forge a new era of mobile gaming with the introduction of a real-time battle system that puts you in full control of your characters."

Team SnowFury seems determined to make the most of the small consoles we're all carrying around in our pockets, and it's about time someone did. Games like Candy Crush, Words with Friends, and Angry Birds offer extremely popular casual gaming experiences, but it's high time an engrossing RPG shatters some mobile records.


Are our phones ready?

In their Kickstarter Risks & Challenges section, the team addresses concerns about older generation phones and spotty connections, so it seems they've given some thought to the complexities that engrossing multiplayer mobile games might offer. They plan to support iOS and Android phones and tablets, but they leave open the possibility of support for with Windows phones.

"We will be supporting iOS and Android phones and tablets...  Microsoft - If you want to make a big contribution, we can talk."


Are the players ready?

On the heels of my initial 'wow' reaction to their well constructed campaign and video pitch, quickly arrived concern. I've stared, bloodshot-eyed, at my screen 13 hours into a seriously good game, unable to look away.

But how will that experience translate to the small screen... Can it?

Are players ready to spend the same kind of time on their phones that they do on their Playstation, Xbox, or PC?

That's when I looked at the screen size of a 3DS, compared it to my phone and had my answer: my friends are already staring at a screen this size for hours on end while they strive to be the perfect mayor in Animal Crossing. Other players are causing themselves bodily harm because they laid playing a mobile game for hours in an ill-advised position.

So it seems the screen size won't be a hurdle for the current generation of gamers. In fact, this moment seems prime for a great mobile game to come in and change everything.

The question is, will Project Snowstorm be that game?


Is the team ready?

While SnowFury has set ambitious goals for their game and for Kickstarter, with the initial goal at a cool $500k and ultimate stretch goals clocking in at $3 million dollars to fully realize the vision of the team.

"We’ll be able to realize our goal and deliver a complete game at our target funding of $500,000. As funding increases from here, up to our maximum stretch goal of $3 million, Project Snowstorm will continue to grow in depth and size, adding new characters, additional storylines, zones and more"

That sounds like a lot.

That is a lot.

But when you consider they have a studio of 40 and the core team is made of veterans in the tech, composing, and writing space, that number becomes more understandable. Maybe a team like this one is what it will take to deliver the gaming experience mobile needs to be considered a platform for more than just puzzles and light engagement games.


Have a question about Project Snowstorm, or mobile games in general?

Share your questions and we'll be sure to ask SnowFury Studios during our upcoming interview.

Learn more about Project Snowstorm

Check out the Project Snowstorm Kickstarter and watch the video team SnowFury has put together.

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Published Jul. 31st 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Keeping my eye on this, but I'm not holding my breath. I am skeptical about the actual gameplay ability with a mobile or tablet device. Don't get me wrong, some games are pretty cool. But they are no where near the same scale as proper platform games such as on the PC or consoles.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Fair reservations - if you have any specific concerns or questions I'm glad to ask team Snow Fury when we chat. Thanks for weighing in.
  • Ecobahn
    Well alrighty - you asked for it ^_^! How do they plan on making such a large game on mobile devices, where there is such little memory space to play around with (in comparison to the bigger platforms)? With the ever increasing demand for open world gameplay in games these days, how will their game keep up? Will graphics strength on mobile device (although strong and can be up to 1080p HD resolution these days) hold back this game from its true potential?

    I've played MMO's on tablets before, and they have cut corners on either the graphics, the user interface / controls, or the actual gameplay. I guess I'm expecting too much from a mobile device - but that's just my concern. I don't think mobile devices are capable yet of what Project Snowstorm is suggesting. I think its incredibly ambitious and it would be amazing if it turned out well, but I don't think it's possible. Many other game developers have tried, and done a poor job of it. I'm just wondering how they will be different.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Great questions Ecobahn! I'll get you some answers and update you when the interview is out.

    If you think of anything else, just drop me a line here; thanks again!
  • Ecobahn
    Heh thanks! I'll be sure to give you a shout soon as I do. So far, that's all I got though lol
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    $500,000 for a mobile game? Uhhhh.... ignoring. Mobile games suck, always have, not always will, but for now. Go away.

    Well I find them fun for 10 minutes, Angry Birds is just fun, and funny, but I want a console/PC to play my longer games on, not a mobile device, because 1. I don't have one which is good enough, and 2. I just don't like the games controls schemes or well I already said this part.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    That's the part I'm interested in, how they'll work the controls so that it's fun to play without removing all the nuance and challenge.

    I'll be sure to ask them when we chat, I think that will be a big point of concern for most RPG gamers, and that's a crowd they'll need to win over for Snowstorm to be a success.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    If it's a full size game, it will take up most of your device's memory too. My iPhone 5 is full because of FFTactics WotL...
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    I don't have a high tech phone...and I know lots of people who don't either, but they love these sorts of RPGs, and they will not be able to play it, why? Because people do not see phones as a legitimate place to get really great experiences, it's just dap in and out. Ok it may be a big game, that's great! But they limit who can buy it, but doing this, not everyone has, or can afford the top of the range phones.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Oh wow I think the Red Eagle debacle of a Wheel of Time mobile game was only listed for $400k if I remember correctly, I'll have to look it up, but if so this game is definitely ambitious since Red Eagle had to pull that one off kickstarter.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    disregard you cant find it on kickstarter anymore.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I was definitely curious whether this was the most expensive mobile Kickstarter of all time, but was unable to confirm.

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