Dark Souls III is Selling Like Crazy; Prestige Edition Already Sold Out

The prestige edition of Dark Souls III has already sold out. Collector's and Apocalypse editions aren't short of buyers either.

Bandai Namco's third installment to the highly praised Dark Souls franchise has just sold out their entire stock of the Dark Souls III Prestige Edition pre-order. There is not even a single one left out there for those who were unlucky enough to miss the sale, an amazing feat considering the game doesn't release until April 12, 2016 in the UK. What's even more mind-blowing is that the PlayStation 4 version of the Prestige Edition apparently sold out in just 2 hours, which Bandai Namco UK happily announced on their Twitter account:

The Dark Souls III Collector's and Apocalypse Editions aren't going to get left behind either, with stocks already on the lower end of the scale. So grab them while you can! 

There's still no word from Bandai Namco as to whether they plan on releasing more copies of the Prestige Edition, which was unfortunately only sold in the UK along with the Apocalypse edition that is exclusive to GAME UK.

The Prestige Edition of Dark Souls III is basically the same bundle as the Collector's Edition, but with an additional 40 cm Lord of Cinders figure on top of the 25 cm Red Knight figure. An absolute steal for any fan! Let's all hope Bandai Namco decides to produce more, but fear not non-UK sunbros, as the Collector's Edition will be available worldwide.

Dark Souls III will be released in Japan on March 24, 2016 and a worldwide release is dated for April 12, 2016. 

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Published Jan. 14th 2016
  • BlackTideTV
    Looking good Kat. One thing I'd like for you to clarify: Is the prestige edition the top of the line of is the collectors edition going to be better? Something else I'd do if this was my article is insert some bold font. The sentence where you mentioned PS4 selling out in 2 hours and the paragraph talking about the possibility of more releases are a good place to start.
  • Kaj_5807
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    Hi there, thanks for the tips. I tailored the article based on it. Cheers :)

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